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Months and months ago I thought it might be fun to make this site. Little did I know how gruelling putting all the information together would be. At times it got very boring too, which is unfortunate, but now it is finally finished.

Well, I say finished, this is by no means a complete list of wrestling matches that took place between 1995 and 2003! Firstly, I totally ignored Japanese wrestling, mainly because I have little interest in it. There is little in the way of Mexican wrestling too. What there is though is nearly every WWF/WWE card (although not all complete) that took place, and a lot of WCW and ECW ones. Also included are a lot of US independents and UK and European cards too.

Where known, the location and attendance is included, although I have not included the name of the venue.

There are one or two cases where I did not know the name of a wrestler or a promotion, in that instance you will see this: ???

I have also left out the fact that some matches were gimmick matches and just put who won and lost totally ignoring any special stipulations.

It should also be noted that I use the term "triple threat" match for a triple threat, triangle or three way elimination match, to save on confusion. The same goes for four corners matches.

I give credit to Total Wrestling, Power Slam and Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazines, as well as the website www.angelfire.com/wrestling/cawthon777 which is where much of the information concering WWE came from.

If you notice any errors, or would like to add information that is not included feel free to email me on deanmalenko65@hotmail.com